With the scare last week we just could not get to Monday fast enough.

This weekend was very relaxing.  I actually took my monkey (oldest daughter) to an overnight stay at this really nice resort in Oxnard.  We had a good time just me and her.  I owed it to her for her amazing grades last year.  I asked her what she wanted as a reward and her answer was to spend a day with me!  Wanted it to happen over the summer, but just could not make it happen.  Micky put her foot down and said you need to do this now!  So I made it happen and it was fantastic, wish it could have been a little bit longer.

On Sunday I met Micky over at the Underwood Farms and it was Sooooo cool.  Too bad Little Miss had a meltdown and we could not stay long.  We met up with a Meetup group for the first time.  They are a LGBT group with children.  Way cool, first time meeting other lesbians with children too.  Hoping we can meet up again… when Little Miss is not so cranky.

Today is now Monday and we went to the doctors and got our first ultrasound and we have a HEARTBEAT!!  Everything looks good.  The doctor wants me to continue with the estrogen and progesterone injections.   Here is a picture of our hope to be/soon to be Bambino (a)…