Its been a tough few weeks with the typical morning sickness all day, tired, and of course the weight gain.  I have already gained 10lbs!  I am so hungry, even with being sick.  The good news is I am off the shots AND I have some Zofran left from the last pregnancy

Halloween was fun… Avery got a kick out of saying Hello and bye bye to all the trick or treater’s.  My oldest, well she is 13 going to be 14 and was off with her friends being a teenager.  So strange not to be cool in her eyes anymore… I am amazed at all the changes she is going through.  She is an amazing young lady, but she is a Teenager by definition.. rolling eyes and all.

Not sure if this could be true… sorry if this is TMI… Noticing that after “adult” time my morning sickness is gone for a good 12 hours.  My hormones are nutz!!  So weird, because last time there is no way I would even want to.  Ha!

We saw the doctor a few days back… 9week check.  All is good and you can see the baby’s hands and little feet .. little balls.  We see the baby making doctor one last time on Monday and then we graduate to the OBGYN!!