I really wanted Micky to fill this out, but that is ok. Well we are the average lesbian couple with ups and downs. The downs have made us much stronger. I am 37 and my partner is 35 years old. I currently have a biological 13-year-old daughter from a heterosexual marriage…yep, once was straight. Well, after a year and half after my daughter was born, I fell madly in love with my dear Micky….. fast forward to 11 years later we have my daughter C and our niece D that is a teenager with teenager hormones.

About two years after being together we got our domestic partnership from the State of California. I would say about 7 years ago we had 11 failed IUI’s and decided to move on with our lives. Now our clock is ticking and we really want to have children. I was diagnosed with endometriosis, which has changed things for us to move forward and take the plunge of doing IVF. Thank goodness my insurance covers IVF!!

Stage 3/4 endometriosis
11 failed IUI’s

ER: 6/24/10
10 follicles/ 9 fertilized / freeze 4 / Transfer 2

Transfer : 6/29/10
2 blastocysts

HPT : 7dpt- 10dpt 7/6 -7/10 BFP 🙂 (yes 4hpt tests )

15DPO (10 dpt) : 7/9 Beta 199 (continue progesterone and estrogen 2- 3 weeks)

18DPO (13 dpt) : 7/12 Beta 569

2/24/2011 baby girl born. 5lbs 10oz (3 weeks early)

IVF #2

9/14/12 – 2 grade A egg frozen transfer

9/15 1dpt – cramping- moderate (worried)

9/17 3dpt- lower back pain … Similar to when I am about to start my period

9/18 4dpt back pain some cramping. Tired

9/19 5dpt lite pink discharge from progesterone vaginal cream

9/20 6dpt lower back pain tired. Feel like I won’t be pregnant 😦

9/21 7pt BFP! – crampy after progesterone. Very gassy (TMI)


10 DPT 101 and 15DPT 824

10/15 – 7weeks – 144 bpm


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