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With the scare last week we just could not get to Monday fast enough.

This weekend was very relaxing.  I actually took my monkey (oldest daughter) to an overnight stay at this really nice resort in Oxnard.  We had a good time just me and her.  I owed it to her for her amazing grades last year.  I asked her what she wanted as a reward and her answer was to spend a day with me!  Wanted it to happen over the summer, but just could not make it happen.  Micky put her foot down and said you need to do this now!  So I made it happen and it was fantastic, wish it could have been a little bit longer.

On Sunday I met Micky over at the Underwood Farms and it was Sooooo cool.  Too bad Little Miss had a meltdown and we could not stay long.  We met up with a Meetup group for the first time.  They are a LGBT group with children.  Way cool, first time meeting other lesbians with children too.  Hoping we can meet up again… when Little Miss is not so cranky.

Today is now Monday and we went to the doctors and got our first ultrasound and we have a HEARTBEAT!!  Everything looks good.  The doctor wants me to continue with the estrogen and progesterone injections.   Here is a picture of our hope to be/soon to be Bambino (a)…


Just about 30 mins ago… I started cramping like when I had the egg transfer.  I ran to the bathroom to see faint blood when I wiped and some blood in the toilet!  I called the doctor they said I can go in and take another blood test or wait it out.  I am suppose to get the ultrasound on Monday.  I am upset, sad, scared and crampy.  I am worried.  I am sooooo worried.  Not sure if I should run to take a test or just wait it out.  All I know is I have cramps and I am spotting bleeding … I don’t know something.  Any words of hope would be appreciated or experience   This did not happen last time.  Counting the Calendar I am 5weeks and 3 days pregnant.

Well this has been a heck of a week!! Great news that was followed by a UTI and kidney infection! Worst pain ever in my life. I really have to blame the progesterone cream in the whoha. I am doing good now.

Drumroll!!!! 10 DPT 101 and 15DPT 824

Now we need to wait another 10 days for a ultrasound. Such a long wait. Wanted to give a quick update and will want to post the whole story on the kidney infection drama.

So for the last 6 months I had been working out with a trainer… Eating right to get the remaining baby weight off. I did that and then some. It was like I was working out for a marathon. My marathon was the goal of preparing my body of 10 months of baby making. Today I walk on a treadmill at a very slow speed as my partner continues to workout with the trainer for her marathon of hopefully taking care of her pregnant whinny woman and stepping up as I slow down. I am lucky. Today I realize how lucky I really am. I cross my fingers this sticks. In my heart of hearts I feel something is different. Can’t put my finger on it, but something is different.

The test that I took today the line was the same color… Not darker like the time before with Our little munchkin. Why?


Did we make this happen again? I am feeling ok. I have been traveling for work so I am pretty tired. Took the pee test and I was sure it would be negative, but it was positive! So many thoughts are going through my head. I am excited but scared. The beta test will be Monday.

Hello world… been gone for awhile.

I was sick for quite some time and started feeling better about a month ago.  I was really hoping Micky would take over the blog… but that never happened.  So I am back and want to update on the process.

Well I was sick till about 22 weeks.  Zofran was my daily friend.  I continued to work and get through the days on crackers, pasta, and bean and cheese burritos.  I still continued to gain weight, since the Zofran had the throwing up under control.

I have gained now a total of 24lbs since pre pregnancy.  I feel really big now.  My hips have expanded and my sweats do not even fit anymore.  I have had a low body image and it has seemed to get worse.  I feel awful complaining how I look, since this is the most amazing miracle that could happen to my partner and I.  But, it is honest and how I feel.  The only thing I like on me right now is my belly that is it.  Everything else on my I am disgusted to look at in the mirror, including the roundness of my face.

We have decided on a name …. Avery.  We have gone round and round, it was tough.  But we named her and we are in love.  She is very active, once it hits 9pm she is pretty crazy.  The doctor says all is good.  I am starting to have contractions here and there, but nothing to worry about.  My tailbone hurts when I walk or stand.

I will post a belly picture shortly :).

Micky has been keeping me updated on everybody’s blogs.  So happy the triplets are all home and that pomegranate is now expecting.  So much has changed in everybody’s lives sorry I have not blogged, but I was just plain sick and tired.

Micky and I had a heart to heart on what the deal was with me feeling like she did not want me around anymore.  This of course was not the case, it is what my mind makes up.  Come to find out she just does not want to say anything other than yes or no type responses in fear of me lashing out and becoming the Wicked Witch.  Well we worked it out and I cried it out and we will now go back to having normal conversations.

Today is a better day… seems like bean and cheese burritos have been my lunch for the last two days and stays down.  Still cannot really eat dinner, but whatevs.  Thank you to everybody for the comments, it helps to know I am not alone.

Went to the IVF doctor today … stood outside the doors of the office for a few mins, trying to decide to go in the bathroom or not.  I really had to go pee, but had that feeling of getting sick… the mad dog syndrome where your mouth fills up with saliva.  I just did not want to see that public bathroom toilet.  Public bathroom toilets make me immediately want to gag.  It’s like they are talking to me…and say hey lady puke in me it will be great.  I did decide to go pee, and I managed to not make complete eye contact with the toilet.  I told the toilet to stick it and I was able to pee and did not gag and get sick!  We made it in the office without incident.  Today we hugged our IVF doctor goodbye with a picture in hand and the sound of the heartbeat in the back of our minds.  It was a great day, but sad we are leaving.  We had an awesome doctor and he liked us too.

After this appointment I met up with the nurse of our future OB, which has the male version of my partners name.  Fate!  The nurse was really nice.  She went over everything and she knows my life story now.  The intake was insane.  She spoke to me about the genetic testing and another test to test for chromosome issues.  That freaked me out… another thing to worry about?  another test to wait for?  When will the worry go away?  I feel as soon as one worry is set at ease, they just add another one.  We see the actual doctor tomorrow and no more up the who ha ultrasounds anymore!!

On another note… can these boobs get any bigger!

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