Ok .. so if you do not want to know the all the juicy stuff don’t read this.  With our first IVF I did injectables for the progesterone.  This time around we did the suppository’s.  Why?? Not sure… but is a slimy cottage cheese MESS!  Yes it is all worth the baby making adventure.  But, Holly Cow I never realized how painful it could be.  

Last Saturday started experiencing weird stuff when going tinkle and then noticed blood.  Well, by Monday I had a UTI and Kidney infection.  The pain was almost just as bad if not worst then child birth.  I really thought I was going to loose my little baby that had implanted itself because of me bending over in pain and hyperventilating.

My doctor put me on antibiotics and I took a over the counter pain med for UTI that worked like a dream, but had me peeing every 10 mins and equaled to a few accidents (no control).  It was an awful experience  but now I know.. the minute you feel funny when you pee and a little twinge… get on the antibiotics ASAP and don’t try to be the whoha superhero!! Just saying…



Well this has been a heck of a week!! Great news that was followed by a UTI and kidney infection! Worst pain ever in my life. I really have to blame the progesterone cream in the whoha. I am doing good now.

Drumroll!!!! 10 DPT 101 and 15DPT 824

Now we need to wait another 10 days for a ultrasound. Such a long wait. Wanted to give a quick update and will want to post the whole story on the kidney infection drama.

So for the last 6 months I had been working out with a trainer… Eating right to get the remaining baby weight off. I did that and then some. It was like I was working out for a marathon. My marathon was the goal of preparing my body of 10 months of baby making. Today I walk on a treadmill at a very slow speed as my partner continues to workout with the trainer for her marathon of hopefully taking care of her pregnant whinny woman and stepping up as I slow down. I am lucky. Today I realize how lucky I really am. I cross my fingers this sticks. In my heart of hearts I feel something is different. Can’t put my finger on it, but something is different.

The test that I took today the line was the same color… Not darker like the time before with Our little munchkin. Why?


Did we make this happen again? I am feeling ok. I have been traveling for work so I am pretty tired. Took the pee test and I was sure it would be negative, but it was positive! So many thoughts are going through my head. I am excited but scared. The beta test will be Monday.

Well I am a day and half past FET. Freaking out because I am cramping. I don’t remember this last time. Frustrated that I did not document my symptoms. Second guessing me going to a picnic today…. Ughhh. Yes I am blog stocking others to compare symptoms.

Nighty night


I could not resist the process. Yes, I dropped off the blogging world since our little Miss Miss was born. Micky and I are stronger then ever. Today we transferred two of our frozen eggs and we are keeping our fingers crossed we will have another miracle.

Our little Miss is now 18 months old and a little 20lb peanut. C (big sister) is a third mama. So cool to see the sister love.

This time around was so much easier. Not having to grow eggs like a chicken and not having progesterone shots was nice. We now are doing the progesterone cream twice a day and estrogen shots 2X a week.

Seems like all the bloggers I followed are going strong. I need to update my roll call.

5 lbs 10 oz , 18.5 inches

I have been a bad blogger during pregnancy… I was sick for the majority of the pregnancy and was just tired. The common heart burn and indigestion that followed be throwing up.  I admire all that are able to update their blog all the time.  I feel there is a lot of in between that has been left out.  I will have to come back to update.  Right now I will write about the birth, and later on I would like to write about out the last two weeks have been that has felt like one solid continuous day.

So lets rewind to a few days before I go into labor.  Micky surprised me for Valentines day with tickets to the Enrique concert!  I am madly in love with Enrique and originally she said I could not go months ago because she said I would be to pregnant!!  Little did I know she was messing with me and got the tickets.  So three days before I go into labor Micky and my big pregnant self wobbled into the Enrique concert.  It  was the best time I had in the whole pregnancy.  It was the best gift.  He was so good in concert.  I really could care less that I was large and in charge with my belly with all the girls walking around in their three inch heels and there 10 inch in length dresses… LOL.  I sure did not fit in … LOL!  I sang and danced and stood almost the whole time as the contractions started towards the end of the concert and my feet were swelling too.  I was so happy and was feeling normal, almost like Enrique was singing to me.  Some say Enrique is who caused me to go into labor early.

So now fast forward to Tuesday, 1 day before my 37 week mark.  I had a pretty bad night before.  Just not feeling well and not sleeping at all.  My back was killing me.  Micky got up to start getting ready for work and I told her… I keep on getting contractions.  Finally at 8am (since 6am they started) we started timing them… they were between 3 to 7 mins apart.  This was so un-real… so Micky called the doctor and they said go to the hospital!  Uhhh really??? We were so not ready!  Micky packed the bags and we took our time leaving… we even stopped off at the post office to drop off the all the Thank you cards for the baby shower.

After I let my mom know… she reminds me that it was my fathers birthday today (he passed away when I was 14)…. mind you Avery was named after my dad.  Avery is the female version of his name.  So strange!  How cool would that be, I know she is early…but that would be cool.  Avery decided to hold off for the next 49 hours… yes I was in labor for a long 49 hours!

In the last few hours of labor … it was intense.  Yes I got the epidural, but the pressure was so painful. Micky was there by my side the whole time.  Held my hand and helped me get through it.  My water did not break till the doctor broke it … about 45 mins before I delivered.  In the last few hours, there was a lot of blood that I did not see, but I saw the nurses face and Micky’s.  That was scary in itself, when they both have faces of like holly shit that is not right … that is a bit scary.  Then the nurse keeps all the sheets that she had to keep on changing so the doctor could see it.  Finally got to the point of the pushing.  I had to push for about 20 mins.. in the middle of that the kind nurse asked if I wanted to touch Avery’s head as it was coming out of me.  I looked at her like she was nuts… I said no ” I WANT TO PUSH”… I just wanted to get her out.  It was not a walk in the flower field.  The nurse said “no?”… I was like are you nuts… I just want to push her out.  LOL… I was on a mission and that was to push this child out so I did not have to endure the pain I had anymore.

Finally she came and the doctor then realized that all this blood was because my placenta was separating from my Uterus.  Thank goodness that this all happened for a reason.  Avery needed to come early.

Micky and I are so in love with Avery.  We did not believe this dream would come true.  We have gone through a lot to get here and here we are taking care of our own baby girl.  Avery is pretty much amazing!